How to Look as Young as you Feel

With today's technology, EVERYONE can look as young as you feel.

Under the direction of certified vascular and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary M. Gross we have the latest technology for cosmetic enhancement. Free consultation results in a customized plan for you. We can discuss many options and choose what is best, such as whether external RF or laser is better for you, internal RF lipolite tightening, or in many cases restoring volume or lift with fillers. Mid-face rejuvenation is simple and can subtract 20 years. For some, it is the best first choice.
Trained aesthetic specialists use specialized lasers and elos technology for fotofacial treatment , new Velashape 3 cellulite treatment, eMatrix sublative rejuvenation, laser lipolysis, lipolite, a smarter method of laser liposuction, melting and suctioning of fat bulges, skin rejuvenation, permanent hair removal, removal of unsightly veins on the face or legs, and wrinkle reduction. You'll love tightening your thighs, abdomen, and neck with less invasive but effective 2015 Velashape3 deep mode.

"Elos" stands for electro-optical synergy and allows use of gentle, balanced energy pulses, including filtered and laser light. This technology gives reliable, effective results for the removal of unwanted hair. It can work for all hair colors (this is the only technology that can eliminate lighter red and blonde hairs, although only 60% effective for those hair colors). Our specialists treat rosacea, ruddy complexion, age spots, sun damaged skin, spider veins, and we reduce or eliminate fine lines, creases, and wrinkles. Both skin tightening and fractional skin resurfacing are available, and we will advise on which is best for you. Uneven skin tones and enlarged pores can also be improved. Treatments can be done at affordable prices, without the client undergoing a surgical procedure, and with minimal downtime. Learn how the future of facial energy treatments is RF sublative rejuvenation.
Unsightly veins can be dramatically improved with sclerotherapy and laser procedures for spider and varicose veins ranging in all sizes. The exciting elos science has recently made vein treatments even more satisfying.
Other methods for improving one's appearance are high quality microdermabrasion procedures, chemical peels, Botox therapy, volume enhancement for the cheeks, lips, sagging lower eyelids, and the comprehensive skin care lines of MD Forte and Obagi to protect and renew the skin. Please review some of our treatments here, or call to arrange an appointment. Also read about us at Who's Who in Huntsville, Medical section or see current offers.

For a consultation or information about our practice, please call (256)-883-8281 or visit our office at 900 Bob Wallace Avenue, Huntsville, AL.
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